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an unschooling experience

In 2012, after experiencing numerous difficulties and disappointments within the Atlanta school system, Marta Obiols made the bold decision to remove her three children from public school. Intending to home school, the degreed educator eventually embraced "unschooling," which allows children to direct their own learning at their own pace in a supportive setting that fosters their natural curiosity.
Before long, the woman who never dreamed she'd be a stay-at-home mom, let alone raise her kids without school, was entrenched in a reality she never anticipated, but that provided unequaled rewards. And her children, suddenly free to play and explore a wide variety of passions such as horseback riding and archery, became students of life, absorbing and learning more than any school setting could have provided.
From making tough decisions to the unexpected blessings of co-ops, museums, and extended vacations, 18: An Unschooling Experience explores one family's journey to finding education-and happiness-outside the public school system.

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Dr. Gina Riley


"A solid memoir about working outside the traditional educational system."


"Readers interested in radically student-focused home schooling will find inspiration in this reflective memoir."


"Reading this book is like sitting down with the author and learning how she accomplished what seems to many to be an impossible task."

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"Beautifully written! Highly recommend to get an inside look of what homeschooling/unschooling can be like and why we choose this lifestyle and education choice."

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